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The University of Ottawa was pleased to present the thirteenth annual Frontiers in Research lectures. This year’s theme was Our Post-Human Future

During the past decade, human perfection and even immortality have become topics of renewed interest due to groundbreaking scientific advancements, and are now much more tangible and potentially achievable goals. The quest for human improvement through biomedical means appears to be unstoppable in the developed world. But this drive towards the “post-human” has also given rise to discussion, debate, conflict and a great deal of research on where to take the human species.

Frontiers in Research: Our Post-Human Future explored these questions in light of developments in the fields of genetics, neuroscience and prosthetics, and their social, political, economic, ethical and religious implications.

A leader in innovation and research, the University of Ottawa invited distinguished speakers to present their work and exchange ideas with its students, professors and the Ottawa community. This interdisciplinary event involved both supporters and critics of radical human improvement, and will enable participants to reflect more critically on our post-human future.           

This event has been developed in partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP).


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