2009-12-21 Dr. André Lalonde honoured as champion for women’s health
2009-12-21 University of Ottawa mourns the loss of a great physician
2009-12-18 University of Ottawa professor receives the Hygieia Medal of The Rudolf Schülke Foundation
2009-12-17 University of Ottawa professor elected fellow of the American Physical Society
2009-12-16 University of Ottawa receives $2.3 million for research projects
2009-12-10 University of Ottawa professor and students participate in report on sexual terror in Zimbabwe
2009-12-08 University of Ottawa among North American leaders as it launches open access program
2009-12-03 University of Ottawa researchers discover popular herbicide affects sexual development in frogs


2009-11-30 New NRC, University of Ottawa laboratory positions nation’s capital as attosecond science capital of the world
2009-11-26 Federal government commits $19.2 million to support national stroke research network
2009-11-24 Troubled Waters: University of Ottawa organizes international conference on water
2009-11-23 University of Ottawa researchers give Darwin a fresh boost
2009-11-20 Troubled Waters: University of Ottawa to host international conference on water
2009-11-20 University of Ottawa receives more than $15 million in research funding
2009-11-19 University of Ottawa child rights conference addresses global challenges facing children
2009-11-18 Ottawa universities to receive important research funding
2009-11-17 Troubled Waters: University of Ottawa to host international conference on water
2009-11-16 University of Ottawa welcomes major international conference on child rights
2009-11-09 University of Ottawa Heart Institute to Develop, Produce and Expand Uses for Novel Medical Radioisotope Tracers
2009-11-06 The University of Ottawa recognized for its excellence


2009-10-29 Study on research: University of Ottawa among Canada's top research universities
2009-10-29 University of Ottawa professor appointed first research chair in computational science and engineering
2009-10-26 University of Ottawa welcomes Nobel laureates
2009-10-26 University Ottawa professor`s book shortlisted for Governor General’s Literary Awards
2009-10-19 University of Ottawa to host important international Conference on child rights
2009-10-06 University of Ottawa scientists win health research award for medical discoveries


2009-09-28 University of Ottawa researchers elected to the Royal Society of Canada
2009-09-23 Exceptional researchers choose the University of Ottawa
2009-09-23 University of Ottawa receives $5.6 million for the renewal of four Canada Research Chairs
2009-09-21 The University of Ottawa hosts important conference on Genetically Modified Organisms
2009-09-21 The University of Ottawa welcomes three new health networks with funding totalling $8.75 million over five years
2009-09-21 University of Ottawa study identifies a potential new treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
2009-09-02 Study on congenital heart disease involving uOttawa professor Mona Nemer is the front cover story of the prestigious international journal Nature


2009-08-24 University of Ottawa professor publishes study on heat stress in older individuals in CMAJ
2009-08-20 Student-professor team discover innovative method to detect the onset of a life-threatening blood infection called sepsis
2009-08-20 uOttawa researcher establishes a link between wheat proteins and type 1 diabetes
2009-08-19 Six University of Ottawa researchers to receive the Ontario Early Researcher Award
2009-08-11 The University of Ottawa and the Métis Nation of Ontario inaugurate research chair


2009-07-21 NSERC accelerator grants awarded to three top University of Ottawa researchers
2009-07-13 Dr. Georg Northoff awarded prestigious Michael Smith Chair in Neurosciences and Mental Health


2009-06-29 University of Ottawa professor co-directs a $2 million international research partnership
2009-06-26 UOttawa researchers receive more than $950,000 from Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
2009-06-18 University of Ottawa researchers receive $12.7 million in CFI funding
2009-06-15 Professor Patrick Leblond receives Canada International Council Fellowship
2009-06-12 Government of Ontario awards the University of Ottawa $4.5 million in support of research in new media and green technology
2009-06-11 Ontario invests $18.5M in cancer and stem cell research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa
2009-06-10 A University of Ottawa law journal receives top grade from the Australian Government
2009-06-10 The University of Ottawa receives Professor Noyori, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
2009-06-05 A University of Ottawa professor receives international award in organometallic chemistry
2009-06-04 Scientists discover new way to enhance stem cells to stimulate muscle regeneration
2009-06-02 Two teams of researchers from the University of Ottawa receive significant support from a new NSERC training program
2009-06-01 Ottawa researchers launch a Facebook application that helps users make important decisions


2009-05-29 Dr. Michel Chrétien elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London
2009-05-28 University of Ottawa/Ottawa Hospital researcher wins CIHR Mentorship Award for dedication to youth
2009-05-27 A University of Ottawa professor is elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE)
2009-05-26 A Canadian first at uOttawa: health communication course goes online
2009-05-15 University of Ottawa engineering graduate student’s innovative idea wins Technology Venture Challenge
2009-05-14 Better treatment for babies with lung infection found by national study co-led by University of Ottawa professor
2009-05-14 University of Ottawa doctoral student named one of Canada’s top science students
2009-05-13 NRC, University of Ottawa scientist wins one of Ontario’s most prestigious science prizes
2009-05-11 Ottawa declared Canada's official knowledge destination as 13,000 researchers and students gather at local universities in May
2009-05-06 Science, Technology and Innovation Council ranks Canada in the middle of the pack
2009-05-01 Mona Nemer, Vice-President, Research, inducted into the French National Order of Merit


2009-04-30 Dr. Paul Corkum elected to U.S. National Academy of Sciences
2009-04-28 University of Ottawa and OHRI study shows automated telephone system can assist chronic disease management
2009-04-20 University of Ottawa professor receives more than $5 million for genomics research
2009-04-07 The University of Ottawa awarded funding by the Canada Foundation for Innovation


2009-03-18 Two Professors receive University of Ottawa Research Chairs
2009-03-17 University of Ottawa, National Research Council scientist wins Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal
2009-03-12 An analysis by University of Ottawa professor shows online tools could help identify disease outbreaks sooner
2009-03-05 Two University of Ottawa professors receive Young Researcher of the Year Award
2009-03-04 University of Ottawa professor Paul Corkum finalist for NSERC's highest honour
2009-03-04 University of Ottawa professor receives $2.4 million to develop stem-cell therapies to reverse blindness
2009-03-04 University of Ottawa receives government funding for research designed to enhance Canadian security
2009-03-03 Hussein T. Mouftah receives the University of Ottawa Excellence in Research Award


2009-02-23 University of Ottawa receives seven Canada Research Chairs totalling $8.9M
2009-02-18 University of Ottawa Heart Institute research team found mechanism activating weight-loss gene
2009-02-12 University of Ottawa Professor Luke Copland will embark on a scientific cruise to the Antarctic with 10 students
2009-02-03 Medical journals carry uOttawa professor’s initiative for bridging gap in reporting of genetic-association studies
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